About Us

Nebula Decor emerged from the concept of making a room unique and different, such as nebulas make our universe a one of a kind space.

Nebula Decor curates an exclusive collection of hand-selected pieces from renowned designers, chosen by interior designer Fraya Sandoval, who's dedicated to finding exceptional, high-quality pieces. 

Acting beyond trends, Fraya selects designers who prioritize exceptional craftsmanship, innovative concepts, and quality. She assesses collections globally, selecting each item carefully to create a cohesive and visually stimulating atmosphere that reflects her understanding of design aesthetics. Fraya's chosen selection of standout furniture, elegant lighting fixtures, and intricate accessories is devoted to transforming spaces into luxurious and individual environments. 

Every piece in the store has been chosen with the utmost care, offering customers an elevated sense and ambiance of the space they desire. 

Nebula Decor offers clients the power of curated selections with a shopping experience they will love, allowing them to showcase their style while creating a unique living space. 


If you have any questions or need help with your account, a product or an order, you may contact us to assist you with any inquiry you may have.