The Studio

What is the difference between a house or an apartment and a home?

A home is a living space in which emotion is manifested through color, light, shapes and texture and the contrast and balance between all of them.

A home is a journey of emotions.
Surprise, enchantment, freedom, passion, tranquility…

Being able to plan and achieve such journeys, each one totally different, for each person, each family, is a universe in itself; demands a mix of instinct, knowledge and commitment.

Instinct for the interplay of colors and textures, of light and spaces. Knowledge of the established and new brands that are turning out the best and most beautifully designed pieces of lighting, furniture, tableware, tech, fabrics.

Commitment to understand the living dynamics of each person in the household and of the family as a living, breathing, moving and resting organism. The beautiful balance between interplay and individuality. And that is only achieved through listening and interacting. Through coming back once and again until a flow of contentment pervades the home. And that takes time.

That is what sets us apart. We give our time abundantly to each project, each person, each family. The time needed to transforms living spaces into beautiful homes, full of emotion.

  • Fraya Sandoval


  • Fraya Sandoval & Roger Ruiz



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