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Bois De Russie 18K Golden Egg 3400gr/120oz

Bois De Russie 18K Golden Egg 3400gr/120oz

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3400 g. Burn time: 280 h.
Wicks: 5.

Brand: Ladenac

Origin: Spain

Boisse de Russie:

This elegant fragrance with notes of sandalwood and nutmeg opens the scent with a light touch of petitgrain. The woods of cedar, oak moss, cashmere and sandalwood wrapped and conquer us deeply. An elegant, sober and sophisticated fragrance.

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Giant candle in 18k gold egg format and 3 kilograms. A spectacular perfumed and refined jewel that impresses with its size and shyness. This egg will decorate and make the space where it is located a distinguished and exclusive place. Egg format in yellow gold, with grooves and with an ornament at the top. It has been inspired by the third imperial egg that Alexander III commissioned to the most famous jeweler of the old continent for his wife Maria Ferodova. With the scent of Bois de Russie, a sober and sophisticated fragrance in where smoky.
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