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Minimal Candle 55gr/2oz

Minimal Candle 55gr/2oz

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Burn time: 8 hours.

Height: 1.96 in

Depth: 1.96 in

Length: 1.96 in

Brand: Ladenac

Origin: Spain

Boisse Mousse:

This is the corporate fragrance of Ladenac Milano. The inspiration has come form the lake of di Como, that extents between an alpine basin of high green mountains. Given its Mediterranean climate we can olfactorily enter among its subtropical plants, lemon, cypress and olive trees.

Boisee Aromatique:

Our fragrance will quickly transport all your senses to Riva, a precious town in Lake Garda, the largest and most famous lake in northern Italy. Typically shaped like a river valley, creating a microclimate that brings to its beautiful landscape and Mediterranean flora of lemon trees, olive trees, cypresses and oleanders, an explosion of fresh and woody aromas.

Floral Champetre:

Our perfume finds its inspiration in the largest volcanic lake in Italy, with an extraordinarily crystalline waters, in a lake surrounded by the Vulsini mountain range. Landscape characterized by olive groves, vineyards, cereals and fodder that dominate the landscape.

Iles Eolines:

Rising out of the cobalt-blue seas off Sicily´s northeastern coast are the seven-island Aeolian archipelago. In that place we found the name and inspiration for our fragrance, Îles Éolinnes, from our Minimal Collection, that evokes the fresh and marine notes coming from the Mediterranean Sea blending with woody and fruity notes of this volcanic and green island , covered by rosemary, holm oaks, omiellos, fig and almond trees.

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An exquisite luxury scented candle, using the finest raw materials. Pure cotton wick, 100% natural vegetable wax. Square black glass candle and bakelite lid. The scent quickly takes your senses to the lakes di Como, di Garda, in northern Italy's Lake Trasimeno, Sicily, the Aeolian Islands or the Italian coastline. When you first open our candle and breath in, you will know that you have something very special.
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