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Urban Senses Set 4 Candles 75g/2.7oz

Urban Senses Set 4 Candles 75g/2.7oz

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Exquisite luxury scented candle, using the finest raw materials. 100% natural vegetable wax and pure cotton wick, wrapped in a 500 grams metal cup with bakelite lid. It is available in a luxury box with bakelite lid and scented matches. A luxury piece that can not miss in your home. Scented candles that enclose the heartbeat of great cities from East to West, and take us through emblematic cities: New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Doha, Mumbai or Delhi. 500 g. Duration: 75 h.

Brand: Ladenac

Origin: Spain

Aromatic Lounge:

Inspired by the cosmopolitan cities par excellence: New York, London or Paris. Cities that receive the inspiration of the collection with the mirrors of the buildings reflect the reddish sunset of the sky. It welcomes us with citrus, green apple, spices, to transform the fragrance with a white flower accord, and culminate the fragrance with ambergris.


Inspired by trips to the Orient with sunsets in cities such as Mumbai or Delhi. When you remove the Bakelite lid you will reconnect with a sensory world that is as exotic as the cities that it invokes. This is an original, distinctive and rebellious fragrance.

Eau de Cypress:

Damascus and Melbourne are the inspiration for this fragrance. In Melbourne the candles perfectly capture the reflection of the sun on the buildings at sunset. And that sunset image is the point of union between these two cities. This fragrance evokes relaxation, calm, so it is ideal for a moment of relaxation.

Fleurs de Fruit:

Inspired by African cities such as Cape Town or Monbasa. It imprints on our nose the mango, passion fruit to evolve the perfume in tiered flower, creating a sweet atmosphere, as if it were a fruit cocktail.

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Ladenac is a true globetrotter; and from all the places he travels he brings colors, shapes, sensations and images that feed his inspiration back home. It is no wonder that this collection of scented candles and interior perfumes is inspired by those trips and it is also a tribute to the sunsets seen in the distance, when they appear as metallic reflections in the city skyscrapers. Sunsets trapped on the burnished surface of urban skyscrapers, they become URBAN SENSES in cosmopolitan fragrances, in majestic forms, transformed into iridescent grays and rose gold. Six fragrances of a travelling soul with urban flashes. Diffusers and scented candles that contain the beating heart of big cities, and we walk through these emblematic cities from East to West: Ganja, Fleurs de fruit, Rose de nuit, Aromatic Lounge, Eau de cypress, Boisée chic.
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